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Things I learned from Mary Lambert

I saw Mary Lambert‘s show in New York last night with the fiancée (gosh, it’s still kind of weird to say I have a fiancée!), and it was pretty spectacular.

Mary Lambert sparkles. <3

Mary Lambert sparkles. <3

The venue is pretty new (happy 2 months, SubCulture!), and it was a really nice, small, intimate space for a show. No matter where you sat you had a good seat, which was definitely a plus.

I want to believe this is the Mary Lambert seduction face.

I want to believe this is the Mary Lambert seduction face.

Mary Lambert is hilarious in a blunt, adorkable, person-you-want-to-be-friends-with kind of way. She opened up the show by saying how she was in a good mood because her friends had bought her a hotdog, and how hotdogs are one of her favorite food groups are hotdogs. (Cue gifts of hotdogs from lesbians from this point forth!) Mary also said she hoped nobody had been at the Macklemore show the night before, as she was wearing the same dress two nights in a row, “but it’s too sparkly and pretty to not wear again.”

Mary has a powerhouse voice and the show was amazing, but that’s not what I’m blogging about.

Mary taught me a few things last night that made me love her.

  1. Mary Lambert loves Storage Wars. I love that one of her guilty pleasures is one of my guilty pleasures. I wonder if she watches HGTV too?
  2. Mary Lambert loves hotdogs. (See above.)
  3. Mary Lambert isn’t afraid to be an outfit repeater. (Also see above.) I love that she admitted that because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sparkly black dress and I now feel like I can justify wearing it multiple times because Mary Lambert said it was okay.
  4. Mary Lambert is an autograph ninja. She secretly signed all of the copies of her poetry book that were being sold at her show… which I didn’t realize until I got back to Jersey last night.
  5. Mary Lambert loves her fans and felt really bad that she couldn’t do a meet and greet after her show last night because she had another show in an hour. (Although, just putting it out there, originally I had tickets to the later show and TicketFly moved me to the earlier one so I kind of feel like TicketFly owes me a meet and greet with Mary. Just saying.)
  6. Capitol Records loves Mary Lambert enough to tell her she needs to write more performance poetry for her album.
  7. By the way, her first album with Capitol Records is coming out in a month. Mary couldn’t remember if it was December 17th or 19th, but I think it’s the 17th since most albums come out on Tuesdays.
  8. The Glee cast fought for Mary Lambert’s honor at the VMAs. I would’ve rather seen this than Miley.
  9. Speaking of which, Mary Lambert said she “Hermoine Granger-ed the shit out of her bag” at the VMAs while looking for her VMA ticket. Any individual who says they Hermoine Granger-ed the shit out of something is awesome.
  10. I want Mary Lambert to be a guest at my wedding. She had me laughing so hard I was crying at some points last night. I could totally see myself hanging out with Mary, which is why I think she should read this blog post and become my friend so I can invite her to my wedding. I wouldn’t even have her sing–I’d treat her to hotdogs, cake, and even some cocktails. We’d have a blast.
This is Mary Lambert air hugging the audience because she couldn't do a meet and greet with us after the show.

This is Mary Lambert air hugging the audience because she couldn’t do a meet and greet with us after the show.

Mary, you’re awesome. You’re totally invited to my wedding.