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Poetry Prompt:
What in your life is coming to an end making way for something new? How do you handle endings, are they easy or hard? Samhain/Halloween is a time where the veil between worlds is thin and a good time to say goodbye to those that have passed in the last year, who do you need to say goodbye to? What closure do you need? Free write answering one or more of these questions.


To the single years I bid adieu

I grew oddly attached,
Attached to my single years,
Years that, while they were present,
Presented drunken tears.

First dates were mayhem,
Mayhem I seemed to understand,
Understand as if I knew nothing better,
Better than even the back of my own hand.

I sit here startled by the shine of my ring
Ring ring-a-ling-ding
Ding dong, who would want
Want to give me this bling?

Our hearts matched up,
Up to the Heavens above
Above all else and everything
Everything turned into love.

The terror of being
Being hitched and not alone–
Alone, that feeling—
Feeling I got to know…

It is so scary,
Scary to say yes and commit
Commit to eternal love,
Love forever, and all of that sappy shit

But with you I welcome
Welcome this scary chance
Chance it, let’s do this,
This risk so scary we might pee our pants!

You are my wife-to-be,
Be it scary and true.
True it is that…
That forever I’ll love you.