adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass


Today’s poetry prompt is to write a poem about the next celebration in my life. How can I respond to a prompt if I don’t know what the next celebration will be?



There is no time 
but this very moment
to celebrate
every moment.

I shall not choose 
one specific time
or even a specific day.

There is no need to be
anything but
merry or even gay.

I’ll share my smile
and laugh my laugh
at whatever I please.

I celebrate everything,
from life to love
to ordering Chinese.

I do not need a party,
or streamers,
or balloons.

I do not need
but dancing beneath the moon.

For every moment’s breath,
good or bad,
and every moment’s smile,

whether life treats you
well or not,
every moment is worthwhile.

So celebrate.
Find reason
to find some sort of joy.

This is your moment, 
this is your now,
so sit back and enjoy.