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Potato Girl

“An Ode to My Student Who Wrote Me An Ode About Potatoes”

I, too, love potatoes served with sour cream,
all crispy and creamy and all that’s in between.
There’s something about that glorious starch
that can deem it a fine work of art.

It’s a secret I do not deny
that I’ve been craving potato bites and I don’t know why.
Your poem made me shed a tear,
and I may possibly believe you’re my spirit student this year.

Your poem had such a declaration of truth,
and your words were extremely smooth.
I loved the imagery in your lines,
and your love of potatoes, well, that’s just fine.

So please, dear student, keep up the great work.
Anything less than your potato ode will make you a jerk.
We’ve now formed a potato connection,
and I’m so proud of you for doing well with the ode lesson.