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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass


Funny story on this poem: I decided to be adventurous and write a sestina while waiting for parents/guardians to show up during Conferences. I had a total of 10 parents. I overheard the teachers next to me talking about different poetry forms they could have their students write as part of a project, and one of them was a sestina. They didn’t initially believe I was writing a sestina as they were discussing them!


I play games,
although not your usual suspects.
I prefer leaping
and thinking
and creating,
but, above all else, tricking.

Where’s the fun in anything but tricking?
Trickery just adds to the games.
There’s a certain beauty in creating
silent madness for unsuspecting suspects
who are always guilty of thinking
before leaping.

Speaking of leaping…
taking risks and leaps are more fun than tricking.
Diving into the unknown requires excessive– or little– thinking.
Come to think of it, leaping leads to mind games
where I become one of the suspects
and my risks are something I’m creating.

I’m not at ease unless I’m creating.
Creating requires a certain level of leaping.
If I’m still or silent, most people will suspect
I’m dreaming, concocting, or tricking
my words into new masterpieces. Games
are simply another way of thinking.

An entire universe can be created through thinking
of different ways to be found creating
strategies and techniques to win the games
created by life as you’re leaping
away from lying and tricking.
Your madness is something nobody else suspects.

When it comes down to it, I think hardly anyone ever suspects
anything more than thoughts can come from thinking,
that the inevitable, chaotic train of thoughts could lead to tricking,
or finding the motivation to start creating,
or taking chances and leaping
as you learn to play new games.

Without creating and leaping into life’s games,
the players in the games are left leaping into madness others have been creating.