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My irrational fear of birds

I have had this irrational fear of birds since I was 14. I was walking my dog outside one night after volleyball practice, and it was dark out. Max was a wee little thing, and had this tendency to investigate and freak out over every piece of garbage in our neighborhood. He was particularly interested in this one piece of garbage, AND HE WOULD NOT LET IT BE. He started whimpering when I tried pulling him away from what looked like a crumbled up piece of newspaper. To show him it was just newspaper, I kicked the newspaper…. and it started half-heartedly flapping around. IT WAS A STINKIN’ HALF DEAD BIRD. (These were the times when we had a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood.) I screamed bloody murder, all of the neighbors came running out, and I went running into the house, eternally scarred by flapping birds.

So, you can imagine my horror when I looked out the kitchen window and saw about a hundred flapping birds caving in on our pool. I took a brief breath and filmed this, then I let Max the Dog out. He barked once, then jumped back and hid behind me as they all flapped away. Apparently he’s scarred for life as well.

Silence in the Classroom

I actually wrote a poem about silence when there was a prompt about sound… so here’s silence, take 2.

“Silent Rambles.”

I gaze at my hand in silence and for the first time I notice
how the fluorescent lights of the cafeteria
reflect in my almost-perfectly-applied fake nails.
I wonder if Big Brother is watching me
as I write this poem during an in-service
on my school-issued MacBook Air.
Probably not, because the school is too engaged
and apparently I am too
the majority of my damn poems
have been somehow connected to my life
in the classroom,
outside the classroom,
and how the classroom has been infiltrating my brain.
I’m all over the place,
but grounded by my teacher life
as it takes over my existence.
Also, I just noticed that my ring is shiny
but cheap
because I bought it in college
when I was unemployed, hungry, and broke
and accessories were more important than food
and now it has turned my ring finger
a nice shade of turquoise green.
I need a coffee break.