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Last Day of BlogHer’13

It’s the second– and last– day of BlogHer’13. I’m in a state of tranquility that I can’t explain. It’s a mixture of getting together with thousands of “my people,” a lot of free coffee, delicious food, and receiving validation that blogging is something worthwhile. I’m in a foggy-yet-clear state of bliss and serenity that isn’t letting any stress penetrate my soul.


It’s amazing.

You know what else is amazing?

Well, maybe terrifying?

Tonight is the BlogHer’13 Fashion Show. I’m modeling. In heels. Potentially in fishnets. Maybe in a ballgown or a leopard print shirt.

Come out. Enjoy the show. Don’t laugh at me during the show. Laugh with me afterwards. Drink with me. Eat with me. Sing show tunes with me.

Afterall, that’s what BlogHer is all about.