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My Modeling Debut

BlogHer’13 was amazing. I left feeling very tranquil and at peace, and I’m already missing the lovely ladies I spent time with this weekend.

The BlogHer'13 Models. Photo courtesy of Danielle Tsi photography and

The BlogHer’13 Models. Photo courtesy of Danielle Tsi photography and

Much to my amazement, I made my BlogHer modeling debut on Saturday and I didn’t fall on my face. I didn’t vomit on stage. I didn’t fall over in the dressing room trying to put Spanx on.

Instead, I met an amazing group of diverse women I never would have met otherwise. We all, for the most part, stepped outside our comfort zones and wore things we maybe never would have worn or had our hair and makeup done in ways we didn’t know it could be done.

The Wifi struggle. Photo courtesy of Danielle Tsi photography and

The Wifi struggle. Photo courtesy of Danielle Tsi photography and

We bonded over our opinions of high fashion, the overall consensus that “the models need wine,” and the horrifying fact that the hotel basement where we got ready didn’t have wifi. (Gasp!)

During my fitting on Thursday afternoon, I definitely felt like a self-conscious Barbie doll. I tried on probably close to 7 or 8 different outfits, dozens of pieces of jewelry, and felt a bit vulnerable to the amazing stylists trying to find a look for me. We laughed and joked around, but it felt bizarre to casually be trying on outfits for a couple of strangers. I didn’t know what I would be wearing until the day of the show, although I was kind of rooting for a red ball gown that made me feel like a princess.

On the afternoon of the show, after practicing walking the runway and being very self-aware of how I was walking, I found out I’d be wearing the last outfit I had tried on during my fitting– a leopard print shirt from Vive La Femme, Levi dark denim jeans, a Mint Julep denim jacket, a cute necklace from Comfort Me, and cute golden kitten heel pumps from A Pied.

Photo Credit: The BlogHer ’13 Fashion Show brought to you by Ulta.

Photo Credit: The BlogHer ’13 Fashion Show brought to you by Ulta.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the show, but my experience was a whirlwind of excitement and amazingness. Ulta had a really phenomenal team of hair and makeup stylists making each of us “models” feel like a million bucks. They made my hair curly like a pin-up girl’s, and they did a really incredible job of doing my makeup. The whole process reminded me of my 13 years of dance recitals and the hours it would take to get ready for those, only with less hair spray.

Right before the show, I felt like  completely different person. I didn’t look like the “me” I’ve become slightly critical of lately, and I was wearing a skin tight outfit that actually looked decent on me. (Thank you, Spanx!) More than once I was told I looked “sassy” and “badass,” which were definitely fun ways to be described.

As I stepped out onto the stage, something came over me. I lost any inhibitions I had felt about being in the show, and I had a genuinely good time walking the runway. I goofed around a bit with a silly pose, and the crowd went wild. I heard an insane amount of cheering, and although I couldn’t see anyone with all of the flashes going off, I knew that my friends and favorite bloggers were standing there cheering me on.

Going to BlogHer is an incredibly empowering and gratifying feeling in itself. Being in the BlogHer Fashion Show took this feeling to an entirely new level. I can’t even begin to put into words what a difference the show made in my life and self-image, and I will be forever grateful that I had the courage to say yes to Elisa when she asked me to be a model.

A special thanks goes out to Darlene, Sarissa, Rafiki, and Iman for putting so much work and effort into the Fashion Show! You ladies are an amazing team and definitely made me feel like a million dollars!

Last Day of BlogHer’13

It’s the second– and last– day of BlogHer’13. I’m in a state of tranquility that I can’t explain. It’s a mixture of getting together with thousands of “my people,” a lot of free coffee, delicious food, and receiving validation that blogging is something worthwhile. I’m in a foggy-yet-clear state of bliss and serenity that isn’t letting any stress penetrate my soul.


It’s amazing.

You know what else is amazing?

Well, maybe terrifying?

Tonight is the BlogHer’13 Fashion Show. I’m modeling. In heels. Potentially in fishnets. Maybe in a ballgown or a leopard print shirt.

Come out. Enjoy the show. Don’t laugh at me during the show. Laugh with me afterwards. Drink with me. Eat with me. Sing show tunes with me.

Afterall, that’s what BlogHer is all about.

We’re he-eerrrre.

Taylor and I have arrived in Chicago for BlogHer’13! We’ve been here a few hours, and the afternoon/ evening has already included:

Staring at the beautiful view from our hotel room

Chicago water front view from sheraton


Taylor introducing me to/ me trying my very first Chicago deep dish pizza

chicago deep dish pizza

Me taking tourist-y photos of the BlogHer banners covering the city of Chicago

blogher chicago


I also just had my fitting for the BlogHer’13 fashion show, which was a fun experience.

Right now we’re relaxing in our hotel room before heading out for an evening of fun.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be updating during the conference, but one thing’s for sure—

we’re ready to take Chicago by storm.

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