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That post where I talk about Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is apparently under a lot of fire for her latest music video for the song “We Can’t Stop.” I hadn’t heard the song or seen the video until just now, but there are a few random thoughts going around in my head.



1. I really loved Miley Cyrus and her Hannah Montana/ post Hannah days. “Party in the USA” and “The Climb” will always be some of my favorite ear worms.


2. Miley looks really hot with her new haircut, tats, and, well, everything. I love that she’s discovering who she is, and that she isn’t afraid to be herself (as far as we know) in the public eye.


3. Twerking isn’t what I thought it was.


4. This video is essentially a summary of my years as a RA. It has all the main components of the incident reports and programs I held over the years combined– partying, drinking, drugs, alphabet soup, sexuality, being healthy, reverting back to your childhood and playing with toys, essentially destroying your childhood, making decisions that will haunt you forever. Seriously, this entire video is basically a summary of lessons I tried to teach my residents over the years.


5. This song is insanely catchy. Miley does a really great job of creating earworms.


Have you heard “We Can’t Stop” or seen the video? What are your thoughts on it?

Watch the video and let me know what you think!