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So I went to a sorority formal…

As you might have gathered from the PAD Challenge poem I wrote the other day, V is a sorority girl.


I haven’t exactly had the best opinion of sorority girls before. In fact, I kind of viewed them as stereotypical blonde bitches with lots and lots of pink attached to their lives.


V definitely doesn’t fit that stereotype.


She asked me to be her date to her sorority’s formal, and I agreed, with a lot of stereotypes being muttered at the back of my head.


The formal itself turned out to be very different from what I expected, and we left early because (surprise!) it was at a hookah lounge and our allergies were bothering us.



We ended up going to a diner that had been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, which was pretty cool. V had a peanut butter chocolate chip pancake mountain, which was pretty incredible, and I had a loaded baked potato omelet, which was also ┬ádelicious. We had a lovely night out, and although my idea of sororities wasn’t exactly improved, I’m definitely trying to be more open-minded about sorority chicks.


Plus, I like dressing up.




Don’t we look snazzy? V’s face shared with her permission. <3


Did you ever belong to a sorority or fraternity? Were you like the ones on tv?