adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

PAD Challenge, Day 27

4/27/2013- a “mechanical” poem (i chose to substitute mechanics for recipe)

how to toast a sorority girl

previously, in my mind,
a sorority girl was a simple recipe:

1 part giggles
2 parts tits
1/80 part dignity
3 parts superficiality
1 part loyalty
1/2 part bitch
1/2 part crazy
2 1/2 parts pink
and sprinkled with as much school spirit as the booze would provide.

for the past 5 years, my recipe proved to be pretty solid,
with only the occasional modification.
that was, until now.

now i’m dressed in
3 parts hairspray
1 part new dress
1 part nice shoes
2 parts makeup
and 1 part biting my tongue

for my

4 parts butch
2 parts secretly girly
2 parts kindhearted
1 part silly
1 part tux
1 part bow tie
all parts love

a-typical sorority-girl girlfriend.