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A Very Special Announcement


I have A Very Special Announcement for all of you.

If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan on Facebook, you already know it.

That’s right! On Monday, in honor of the AMC reboot, I’ll be hosting a #SassyAMC Twitter Party!

All My Children is coming back on April 29th, and I want to share the laughter, tears, and love with all of you.

While I know I can hardly wait to see the comeback episode, and I’ll probably watch it at as soon as it’s available online, I want to live-tweet/ watch the episode online with all of you, my loverly fans.

So join me and live-tweet the first episode with me at 8pm EST on Monday, April 29th! Who knows? Maybe there’ll be surprise appearances, prizes, and soapy fun!

You can watch AMC on and itunes. (Hulu is free which is why I’m posting the link.)

Be sure to follow the #SassyAMC hashtag on Twitter or join the TwitGrid party by typing in “SassyAMC” as the party hashtag, me @THEGingerSass as the host, and your twitter username to get in on the fun!

Check out the official Facebook event here

Oh, and if you’re still not convinced…

Cady McClain will be donating an autographed book of poetry to be raffled off during the #SassyAMC twitter party!!

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