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PAD Challenge, Day 18

4/18- “I Am (blank)”

“I Am Tired…”

I am tired…
of falling behind in writing prompts
of writing papers for professors
of creating 42-pages lesson plans for hypothetical dream classes
of working in a field that no longer makes me happy
of apply to new jobs that won’t call me back
of writing to Ellen DeGeneres on our birthday
of being too poor to go to the grocery store
of having too much wealth in my life to complain
of being the friend that everyone depends on
of worrying about not being good enough
of Beanie Baby unicorns falling off my disco ball on the armoir at 12:47am
of needing to clean an apartment I have to pack up
of forgetting to buy basic necessities for grad school like tylenol and printer paper
of shaving to shave my legs every time I want to wear a dress or a skirt
of wondering where I’ll be 365 days from now
of questioning if my writing will ever get me anywhere
of undergrads keeping me up at night with their noise in the hallway
of starting the dishwasher and finding a dirty coffeemug 32 minutes later
of relying on caffeine to keep my body at a barely functioning state

I am tired.

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