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It’s time I talked about Rutgers.

I try not to discuss my experiences at school on my blog, as my thoughts and opinions are not a representation of the University I have spent my Undergrad and Graduate years at, but it’s time I talked about Rutgers. I’ve been wanting to discuss the latest round of PR this week, but I also haven’t wanted to be sucked into the slew of blogs and posts offering “expert opinions” on Rutgers.

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Take a look at the line up of media vultures this week on campus.

During my time at Rutgers, I’ve seen the media eat my University alive. You can all claim to sympathize with Rutgers, but the truth is YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT US. You’ve seen one tiny aspect of what the media has decided to share with everyone. You don’t know what it’s like to be a student at Rutgers, nor can you say “you understand what we’re going through.” Just because I bleed scarlet it does not mean I want to discuss every time Rutgers has made it into the news.


You know what I think about the Rutgers Basketball scandal?


I felt sad when I recognized the players in the video as my former residents. I sympathized with the players I recognized as good, sweet individuals, and wished I could give them hugs. (The video, by the way, is at least 2 years old. Some of the players in the video have graduated or transferred.)


I felt angered when the media bullied Athletic Director Tim Pernetti into resigning. He’ll never be able to get another job as an Athletic Director at a University. One man’s life was ruined by another man’s stupid actions.


I felt the heart palpitations begin again when I saw countless news vans on campus this week. (For 2 years, I lived in the building that the media camped out in front of to cover the Tyler Clementi case. I even wrote about my reaction to the end of the Tyler Clementi case last year, where I discussed the “wonderful” ways the media has attacked LGBTQQIA students at Rutgers.) I can’t see news vans without having a minor anxiety attack.

The “Rutgers Reacts: Uniting for Peace, Healing, and Social Justice” event I helped plan after everything happened with Tyler Clementi.


Finally, I grew sick and tired of hearing about Rutgers in the news. I hated getting the multiple email updates regarding the scandal from the University, when other issues at Rutgers are not mentioned or cared about. I felt myself growing more and more angry as more people outside of Rutgers texted me, called me, or said, “Hey! Did you hear about Rutgers?!” Yes, I did hear about Rutgers and all the wonderful things that are happening on campus. Did you?


Yes, what happened with the men’s basketball team sucks, but you know what? It’s not a fair representation of the Rutgers I know. Neither are the various outlets calling Rutgers homophobic, prejudiced, etc. You don’t know the Rutgers I know unless you actually go here, so please stop talking about my school and spreading media-based lies.

Oh, and for the love of Cheez-Its, please don’t make comedy sketches based on what’s happening at Rutgers. Yes, I’m calling you out for being classless, SNL. Way to go.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 12.47.47 PM

This moment from my undergrad held an incredible source of pride for me. I am, and always will be, proud to be a Scarlet Knight.