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PAD Challenge, Day 5

4/5/2013- a “plus” poem

2013-04-05 23.30.08

“Plus…that song.”

I was trying to find the motivation
to take a shower
so that my hair would dry
while I fell asleep and rested my weary body
even though Mom has always warned me
that letting my hair dry as I slept
could potentially make my pillow mildewy
even though I think that’s bogus
and that’s when I FINALLY got up
because I realized the more I put my shower off
the earlier I would have to get up in the morning
so I warmed my shower
by letting the water run
because that’s what you have to do where I live
and I stripped out of my clothes
but before stepping into the shower
I made sure my internet radio of choice was playing–
“TV theme songs” because I was secretly hoping
that the theme to “Three’s Company” would play
when Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” came on
as I soaped up my body–
which is a weird song to come on
under a TV theme song category since, as far as I know,
it’s not a TV theme song–
and I was instantly flooded with memories
of being seventeen years old
and working as a cashier at Shop Rite
and being told I needed a proper
“depressing playlist” if I was going to join the ranks of cashiers
(only the other workers called it a “Kill Yourself Playlist”
to describe their feelings about being stuck in the grocery store
but I no longer feel comfortable calling it that
even though that’s what it was)
and this all led to me thinking of other songs that
inevitably induce floods of memories and emotions into my life
and I started wondering if the people who held these memories with me
still associate the songs with me as I do with them,
or if I am perhaps a bit too sentimental with my iPod,
and then I started wondering what songs people associate with me,
and hoping that they are happy songs
or perhaps crazy songs,
but probably not love songs,
maybe incoherent rambling song,
much like this poem
that I started writing when I got out of the shower,
after the theme to “Cheers” came on,
which I actually have saved on my iPod,
but never truly give the attention it deserves
because it’s truly a great theme song
full of emotion-evoking abilities,
plus it understands me.
Also, I just realized that this poem
has a lot of words
a lot of rambles
and is one of my greatest masterpieces of delirium