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PAD Challenge, Day 1

I haven’t participated in the Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge for National Poetry month since my first year of college. Until this year of grad school, I’ve taken a poetry workshop every semester. Poetry was my escape from the real world during college, and I’ve missed it terribly. There’s something I can’t quite explain about how wonderful it feels to be in a poetry workshop where you are not judged for your work, and everyone is required to offer insight, not criticism, about what you write. The poetry classes I’ve taken have always been with the same professor, SLM, who has become more of a friend and mentor to me than a college professor. I’ve missed them terribly, and it seemed like a good idea to fill my poetic void with PAD challenges!

Basically, I’ll be posting a poem a day until May 1st. My prompts are based off the ones Robert Lee Brewer suggests on Writers Digest. Enjoy! (Or run away now while you have the chance.)


4/1/13- an arrival poem


Last night my eyes entered a land of slumber
to the tune of a smile on my face.
I dreamt of trees and sweets and washed up celebrities,
but most importantly I dreamt of you.

How I knew it was you I’m not quite sure.
It could have been your alabaster skin
or the three freckles upon your hand
but somehow I knew that you were mine.

I dreamt of your arrival–
it was on a cloud, over the city–
and how amazed I was
that you did not cry.

The funny thing about laying on a cloud
is that is seemed like a plausible feat
until I dropped you
into the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

I woke up with a start,
feeling guilty for feeding my baby to the flames,
when I remembered–
I am not a mother. It was an April Fool’s dream.