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PAD Challenge, Day 30

4/30/2013- a finished or unfinished poem

“Education lap”

I actually wrote
Changing and saving lives
is what motivates me
to be the best educator that I can be
on my final teaching philosophy
because I believe it to be true.
But nobody ever talks about
how your biggest motivation
to pursue the most worthwhile of dreams
disappears into the 3am sky
when you’ve been writing
professional development plans,
and unit plans
for non-existent students
for hours upon end
and the finish line
is within your sight
if you can just find some way
to stop time
so you can battle the procrastination
standing between you
and a triumphant victory.
The race has only just begun.

The plight of an All My Children fan


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Yesterday, All My Children made its itunes and Hulu debut.

The show is back, and definitely appealing to a different generation. There’s sex, scandal, and drama, and that’s only in the first half an hour episode! It felt good to “be home in Pine Valley” again, and I definitely got teary eyed as soon as I hit play. I didn’t realize how much I missed the soap until I saw it in front of me.

You see, soap opera fans are a rare breed of special. They get drawn in to illogical storylines. They are emotionally attached to characters. They will fight you to the death if you mix up story lines about the relationship between a character and her long-lost-sister’s mother’s boyfriend’s cousin’s dog’s owner.

Soap fans take a sort of comfort in the illogical. Everyday, for a short period of time, they’re able to put their lives on hold and submerse themselves in whatever show is their choosing. (Do NOT tell a soap fan All My Children and One Life to Live, for example, are the same thing. You might as well end your relationship with said soap fan there.) Soaps are an escape from the mundane, and no matter how silly or nonsensical the storylines may be (how many times can people be brought back from the dead before being considered a zombie?), the life of a soap opera character is ultimately way worse than the life of a soap fan. There’s an odd sort of comfort in knowing that your life is way better than someone else’s, even if that someone else isn’t real.

Being a soap fan isn’t a simple activity that happens when you watch television during your lunch break. It’s a way of life that, much like a cult, is difficult to leave and nearly impossible to forget about.

The return of All My Children had its flaws (Petey, we get that watching tv on the internet is The Next Big Thing. We’re here, aren’t we?), but it also had something AMC fans have been waiting for for almost two years: answers. “That fateful night five years ago” was hinted at throughout yesterday’s show, and I suspect we’ll at least know who JR shot by June. (It’s still a soap, people, not a miracle worker….unless we’re talking about the holiday season and Father Clarence. That’s another post entirely.)  AMC brought back familiar faces, families we grew up loving, and new faces to grow to know and love or hate.

I’m so excited to love All My Children for another 41 years.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.15.29 AM

Jason Collins is gay. Hold the presses.

Jason Collins came out today. It’s the only thing that’s been on the news.

You know what hasn’t been on the news today?

Brittney Griner, the openly gay basketball play who was a first round pick of the WNBA last week

the fact that All My Children came back from the dead today, and that AMC has an openly gay character on it

the fact that I’m gay

the nine million Americans who are gay (source:


People are paying attention to Jason Collins coming out because he’s a man, because he’s African-American, because he’s a basketball player, and because he’s in a magazine. (You can read the article here.)


Frankly, I’m annoyed by all the media attention Jason is getting. There are millions upon millions of people just like him. What he did isn’t a big deal– tons of people come out everyday. His coming out is just being played out as a big deal because he happens to be an athlete, and he happens to be famous.


But you know what? I’ve met plenty of gay black men athletes. You’re just like everyone else, Jason. Welcome to the rainbow side.