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Multiple Blogging Personalities Disorder

I’m just over a week away from the one year anniversary of GingerSass (can you believe it?!) and I realized the other night that I have a minor problem.


I still don’t know how to categorize my blog.


When people find out I’m a blogger, after giving me a look reminiscent of the one I got when I would tell people I was an English major, the inevitable question always comes up:


“What do you write about??”


Even though I’ve probably been asked this dozens, if not hundreds of times at this point,  I always get flustered about what to say. I usually end up catering my response to whoever is asking the question.


I don’t know you very well? I write about my life.


I know you in an educational or professional aspect? I write about the intersection of my various identities with my experiences in both the educational world and life.


I know you as my student? I write about how you should being your work right now instead of asking me questions about my personal life. If you’re done with your work, I’ll tell you I write about a hodge-podge of things and you’ll say, “Miss B, you’re so weird. Who says hodge-podge?”


I know you through the poetry world? I write about my writing process, my poetry, and my experiences introducing the love of poetry to others.


I know you as a fellow dog-lover? I write about my dog. A lot.


I know you as a fellow member of the lgbt spectrum/ queer world? I write lots of “gay” stuff, specifically regarding my identity as a “femme lesbian” and my interactions with the world, in both queer and non-queer situations.


I know you as one of my friends? Like, a friend I reeeeally like? I write about how gay I am, cheeseballs, my dog, my odd obsession with my stuffed unicorn Chaaaarlie, my zebra-print seat covers, celebrities that piss me off, and whatever I’m obsessed with at the moment. If you’re a friend I’m on more of the acquaintance or Facebook friend level with? See “I don’t know you very well,” keeping in mind that you probably see my Facebook posts of my blog anyways.


I know you as my family, other than my immediate family? Well, I’m not sure why I’m telling you I blog, but you’re probably going to be nosey and Google me anyways so I’ll just say “I write about my life and stuff.”


I know you as a fellow blogger? Well, you’re probably trying to find out if I’m A Mommy Blog, A Sex Blog, A Giveaway Blog, or A Super Gay Blog You Probably Won’t Read Unless You’re Gay. I’ll tell you I’m technically categorized as a “Lifestyle Blog” because I blog about cool events that happen in my life, my various identities, education, and, if you look gay-friendly, I’ll tell you “queer stuff.”


I know you as someone who is interested in booking me to speak? I write about whatever you want me to write about.


I’m one of the few. The rare. The proud. The flustered. I’m a “Miscellaneous Blogger.”


You know what? I’m fine with having multiple blogging personalities disorder. It just makes things a little more complicated.


And, if you know me, you know I love to make things complicated. 😉

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  • Rachee says:

    Oh snap!
    I feel the same way!
    I’m a mom but not really a mommy blogger. I read and blog about books but am not really a book blogger. Crafts, some reviews, etc but none of them are really me.

    March 17, 2013 at 2:56 pm
    • GingerSass says:

      I’m so glad you can relate! It’s weird to be “different” in the blogging world. It’s so label oriented sometimes!

      March 18, 2013 at 1:28 pm
  • Stacy says:

    We are cut from the same cloth. 🙂

    March 19, 2013 at 10:20 pm

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