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2/26/13- Hand Washing


I haven’t really challenged myself to do a Ten Minute Musing in awhile, but I kind of felt like it today. Why not?

2/26/2013- 10 minutes

I woke up feeling icky, which seems to be a theme lately, but I had said I’d be in the office today so I couldn’t call out. I woke up a bit late (aka hit snooze too many times), and by the time I had motivated myself to roll out of bed I had to rush to get ready. Luckily I had packed my bag last night so I just had to worry about making myself presentable and catching the bus so I could get to work in time.

Last semester I parked illegally all semester long. I never received a parking ticket until the day before Winter Break. The Parking Authority, which is notorious where I go to school/live/work, caught on that I was using an expired faculty pass and they only gave me a $25 ticket by some miracle. (The fine could have been $300. Eeps!) I received another parking ticket while I was at a training for work on MLK Jr. Day. Since then, I’ve used mass transit to get to work. These tickets add up!

As I rode the bus this morning, like most days on my way to work or class, I thought about how disgusting mass transit can be. Yesterday, the bus was packed. A girl in front of me ate an entire Italian dinner (chicken, pasta, sauce) on the ten minute bus ride. I wanted to vomit. I’ve had a sensitive sense of smell lately, and tomato sauce has always grossed me out. A boy who had just left the gym sat next to me, which added to my nausea. By the time I got to work yesterday I was dying for fresh air.

Today was no different. I felt sick to begin with, and being surrounded by college students with poor B.O., colds, and smelling of weed really made me feel revolted. I tried reading a book to distract myself from the germs and scents engulfing the air around me, but no matter how hard I tried, the smells remained. By the time the bus reached my stop I was very close to getting sick.

I also had a strange desire to wash my hands.

Now, I’m not a germ-a-phobe. I don’t usually wash my hands after riding public transit, especially if I haven’t touched anything but my own belongings, but as soon as the bus came to a screeching halt, I bolted towards the office my building is in and ran straight to the ladies room. I scrubbed and scrubbed my hands like there was no tomorrow, and an odd sense of peace came over me.

I guess everyone copes with grimy college students and mass transit differently.


This is how I pictured the germs on my hands dying as I washed them. Sorry, buddy.