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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

Ermahgerd it’s snowing, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

One of my friends from out West posted this meme on Facebook Friday, and it pretty much sums up EVERYBODY IN NEW JERSEY.

This was also their reaction BEFORE the storm hit.

I forgot a snowstorm was coming, and I made the mistake of going to the grocery store Friday morning so that I could buy the ingredients to make soup in my crockpot this weekend.

Well, shit.

You would’ve thought the forecasters were saying another Sandy was happening.

I cooked some loaded baked potato soup in my crock pot that evening. As I watched the news, one of the newscasters called people’s reactions to “Nemo” in the tri-state (NY/NJ/CT) area a “Post Traumatic Sandy Disorder,” which actually fascinated me a lot.

This kind of made sense, and I realized MY “Post Traumatic Sandy Disorder” reaction was to cook… as evidenced by all the cooking I’ve done this weekend:

1. Loaded Baked Potato Soup on the afternoon of the storm

2013-02-08 23.55.15

(Recipe courtesy of CDKitchen, although I didn’t mash the potatoes like the recipe said to.)

2. Veggie Something for dinner on the night of the storm…. with a Pilsbury croissant

2013-02-08 21.06.57

Take veggies of choice. Put in greased skillet. Drizzle in olive oil. Add 1/4 cup of margarine. Salt and pepper on. Add about a tablespoon of parsley. Sprinkle a handful of pinenuts to mixture. Add about 1/4 of a cup of Romano cheese. Mix and sauté. Add more olive oil and cheese to your liking. Nom nom nom.

Oh, and follow the directions on the container for the Pilsbury croissant. 😉

3. Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes the morning after Nemo

2013-02-09 11.08.03

(This totally looks like an old man to me… but others have said it looks like a bunny/ puppy/ a blob. What do you see?)

Take 1 cup of pancake mix. Add about 6-8 diced strawberries. Add 2/3 a cup of water. Mix in 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

4. Chocolate Chip Strawberry cookies

2013-02-09 21.41.28

Follow your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Add strawberries. I think I might add vanilla extract next time.

Yea. Cooking is definitely my storm coping mechanism now… and I’m perfectly okay with that.


By the way…

who the hell names a storm Nemo?

Oh, and for those who asked… I don’t actually know how much snow we got. I think there was about 8″? I never played in it (le sigh) and by the time I de-iced by car during a fire alarm in the middle of the night last night (grumble grumble) a lot of it had melted in the sun.

2013-02-10 01.22.56

I miss being a kid and going sledding.

2013-02-09 12.09.15

The view from my apartment of Nemo Friday night, and then on Saturday morning…