adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

I love surprising people.


One of the #23til23 challenges I’ve received was to surprise someone with baked goods. This challenge coincided with a friend’s birthday so I sent her a care package of gluten free chocolate chip candy cane cookies.

Things I learned from this challenge include:

1. It’s a bitch to find gluten free products.

1a. There’s actually a section of the grocery store devoted to gluten free mixes.

2. Vanilla extract is not gluten free.

3. I’m not sure what makes something gluten so someone should explain that to me.

4. I need to invest in a mallet so I don’t demolish candy canes by combat boot for cookies.

5. The post office actually does mail things on time occasionally.

6. Beaker is fun to draw.

7. Gluten free cookies taste just as good as gluten-y cookies.

picstitchI had a lot of fun making these gluten free candy cane cookies, and the reaction of their recipient was pretty damn awesome.

What nice things do you like doing for people?


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