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The Hobby Lobby: a delayed adventure



Yesterday was a big day. Not only was it the inauguration, which is what blew up the internet, but it was also a day I spent with my Grandma. For her birthday in November, I’d gotten her a giftcard for The Hobby Lobby, as well as promises of a day of just us, the store, and lunch.

As I spent time with Grandma, I ended up reflecting on my youth. Grandma pointed out various art supplies I had enjoyed as a kid, and I asked her more about the crafting she enjoys doing. I realized how important it is to spend time with family, and to embrace their quirks. Spending the afternoon with Grandma was exactly what I needed.

I also learned that my grandma has a thing for roosters… specifically evil looking ones.


Of all the things the store had to offer, Grandma wanted to get a raincheck for a rooster because the one she fell in love with had a chip on its head. Personally, I think it was a little evil looking in a cute sort of way…

2013-01-21 16.47.31

Also, I came across this poster, which sums up me in the mornings.

2013-01-22 06.28.52

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?? Heck, what do you enjoy most about going to art supply stores?