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Wisdom teeth do NOT give you wisdom.


So today I had my consultation with the oral surgeon to discuss the removal of my wisdom teeth.

Things that stuck out to me:

1. It’s never a good sign to pull up to the doctor’s office in MID JANUARY and see a smashed pumpkin sitting nonchalantly on the side of the parking lot, decaying slowly… sort of like teeth being impacted by wisdom teeth I suppose. I think this pumpkin was a sign, but I’m not sure what it was a sign of, except maybe that the doctor’s office needs to clean the property surrounding their lot.

2013-01-16 15.43.32

2. The waiting room was one of the most depressing waiting rooms I’ve ever been in. Also, the office was an old building on a busy street so the room shook whenever cars sped by. ‘ello, death.

waiting room

I slyly took this photo as I sat in my chair.

3. It’s slightly unnerving to have the nurse sit you in a chair and tell you you’ll be watching a DVD to explain what’s wrong with you, and “to not worry, they just have to show everything that could go wrong.” It’s even more unnerving when nobody in the DVD is part of the doctor’s office you’re visiting, and they’re smiling and perky as they discuss how impacted molars could lead to permanent jaw and nerve damage if left alone, and how the removal “is very rarely fatal, only in 5% of patients.”

2013-01-16 16.00.15

4. Panorama X-Rays are cool. It’s very Jetson-esque, and it gets a really cool picture of your mouth from the inside out. Can you spot my impacted molars?!

2013-01-16 16.13.14

5. When the oral surgeon is examining your mouth and telling you how you should have all of your wisdom teeth removed, but some are more urgent than others,  it really allows your mind to wander and creates inspiration for your next #23til23 self-portrait, through the eyes of the doctor.


Oh, and I cooked crêpes for dinner tonight because I felt like it. That’s pretty much it. Today wasn’t that exciting of a #23til23 adventure.

2013-01-16 21.55.34

Yep, 3 kinds of crêpes. Nomnomnom.

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