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#23til23- Kosher Indian food, Jewish matchmakers, and shower scenes


Today was a very interesting day. I went out to lunch with my friend at a Kosher Indian place, where I enjoyed a delicious buffet, hilarious conversation, and, above all, a great moment when the bill came. My friend and I were figuring out the tip when she suddenly remembered she had a tip chart in her wallet. She pulled it out, and I thought it was handy… until I saw it was the back of a business card for a Jewish matchmaker. Then I thought it was hilarious…especially considering we had spent part of the afternoon discussing my friend’s recent relationship issues.

Shoshanna's Matches

I was going to write that I hope this post brings Shoshanna a lot of business, but when I typed in her website, it has shut down. In fact, most of the results for her business actually said she scammed people. Oops. I hope she was at least accurate in creating her tip chart…

Today I remembered how important it is to indulge and take care of one’s self. This could mean going out for lunch with a friend, eating delicious food, or simply taking a moment to laugh.

In addition to having a fabulous lunch, I also went for a late night run to a local CVS. Since Michelle challenged me to draw myself every day for the remainder of #23til23, I’ve been craving a new sketchbook. I broke down and purchased an overpriced sketchbook and a large pack of colored pencils from CVS, and happily drove home. I took a long, hot shower, and promptly proceeded to get soap in my eyes. This may or may not have influenced today’s self portrait. 😉

Soapy Shower