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#23til23- It’s the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fiiiiiine!


You get bonus points if you can tell me what song the title of this post is referencing.

Today was a really big deal in my life. For the first time in about 5 years, I bought a pair of sneakers.

I’m not a sneaker kind of gal. I love ballet flats, boots, slip ons, mocassins, the occasional heel, and fluffy slippers. If I want comfort, I wear my cowgirl boots. If I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, I’ll wear my least-worn-out pair of flats. If I’m going to be doing something gross, chances are I’ll be wearing a pair of flip flops/ sitting on the side avoiding grossness. If I am absolutely positively being forced to wear sneakers (gah), I’ll dig out my only pair (which, by the way, has been tossed in a trash pile and removed about a dozen times because I always decide to keep the one pair of sneaks “just in case”).

Sneakers are not my thang.

I don’t know what came over me tonight, but as I was driving back to my apartment, I had a brainstorm(fart) and decided it was necessary to stop at Target and buy a pair of sneakers. Once I reached the Target parking lot, I realized I had a problem and asked dear ol’ Siri a very important question… only to realize Siri is an enabler.  So, I allowed Siri to enable me and walked into Target, not sure what to expect, and pretty certain that I would be suffering from buyer’s remorse later tonight…and that my jewelry box would have some new inhabitants.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 11.43.19 PM

Siri is an enabler to my Target addiction.

I briefly thought about buying these babies, but then I realized that there is actually such a thing as too much pink. Plus, it would be difficult to match the few sweats and multitude of tshirts I have with these.


Although, come to think of it, if they’re still on clearance at the end of the week I may buy them. Maybe. Probably not. (Baby steps, people. Baby steps.)

I settled on a pair of black, purple, and white sneakers, as well as a pair of really cute emerald green flats and a chain and 2 charms, and went back to my apartment. Although it rattled me that I now owned a decent pair of sneakers, my next decision was frightening:

I decided I would either clean my apartment or exercise, and I decided to exercise.

Perhaps it was the excitement of my new sneakers, or maybe it was me wanting to avoid cleaning (which is actually unlikely because I secretly enjoy it), but something was definitely off about my decision to exercise.

You see, in addition to being the girl who hasn’t bought a new pair of sneakers in 5 years, I am also the girl who screamed, “Victory is mine! I will NEVER do a pushup again!” on my last day of gym class in high school. (I totally haven’t, by the way.) I’ve “exercised” here and there over the past few years of college, but the largest extent of exercise I had this past year was taking a yogalates class this past spring. (PS Yogalates sounds like a yogurt latte. It isn’t.) That was actually a lot of work, but it wasn’t a go-to-the-gym sort of exercise, although I did have to go to the gym to go to the class.

(I also have to take a moment to interrupt myself and relay a somewhat pitiful conversation between my Mom & I last week.)

Mom: something something something

Me: something something something Oh yea. For my New Year’s Resolution, I decided I’m going to go to the gym once this year.

Mom: That’s gre- wait. The gym? As in the gym next door to your apartment? Ten feet away?

Me: Yea. I’m realistic in my goals. Going once will be realistic for me. I’m not going to go crazy and make a resolution I won’t be able to keep, like going once a week.

Mom: Sigh.


I put my sneakers on, changed into yoga pants and a tshirt, took off my makeup, and went to the gym, where I promptly instagrammed the following photo:


The caption read, “God help us all, I’m wearing sneakers and exercising. #signsoftheapocalypse”

Then, I discovered a crazy, amazing, wonderful thing:

I get my wifi in the gym. Wifi on my phone equals not using up data. (See? I’m learning the tricks, smartphone people.) Wifi on my phone also means Netflix on my phone… which means being able to watch “Once Upon a Time” while I work out and ride on the exercise bike WHICH MEANS NOT BEING ABLE TO BE BITTER AND HATING ON EXERCISE.

I totally kicked exercise’s butt tonight. (Well, at least I did for a girl who hasn’t exercised or owned real sneakers in awhile.) So, for tonight’s #23til23 challenge, I challenged myself. I bought sneakers. I exercised for A FULL HOUR. (This is a big deal.) Anddddd, above all, not only did I complete my New Year’s Resolution less than 2 weeks into the new year, but I also decided to give this exercise thing a try, now that I know it involves Netflix. It’s time to pretend to try to be healthy again.


Look at all this evidence of exercise! Sneakers! Bikes! “Workout Complete!” signs! My face!

Man oh man, what a year 2013 is turning out to be.