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#23til23 Coffee, sunsets, and dental work?


Today was an interesting day in my #23til23 adventures. I went to the dentist because a) I was overdue for a cleaning and b) I recently found out my dental coverage ends on my 23rd birthday. Oops.

While at the dentist, it was highly recommended that I get my wisdom teeth removed. This had been recommended a few years before, but the dentist had said it wasn’t important since they hadn’t grown in yet and they hadn’t been giving me any problems. Well, now they’ve grown in halfway. If I don’t get them taken care of, they could get infected. I have precisely 18 days to have an appointment with an oral surgeon (that’s scheduled for next Wednesday) and potentially have them removed. If they can wait until the Fall when I (hopefully) have a full-time teaching job and dental coverage then I’m going for that option. Blergh.


Rawr. I wasn’t expecting to add oral surgery to the #23til23 list.

One of my #23til23 challenges was to go to the park and watch the sun set while drinking a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I chose to go to a park I used to go to with my grandpa as a kid. They have a feeding zoo filled with goats, all sorts of birds, foxes, deer, donkeys, and other animals… but the goats were the only ones out today.



Naturally, seeing as I was listening to my Les Misérables cd in the car, I started humming “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” as I paid the goats a visit. It seemed fitting.

All in all, as you can see my the collage below, I had a very peaceful time at the park. It was nice to reconnect with the park I grew up at, as it is also the park that overlooks the town where I have spent the past 4.5 years attending college and grad school. I had a few moments of reflection, a terrible tasting latte, and a really relaxing time taking photos of the sun setting…until I ripped my pants. But all’s well that end’s well, and I’m really satisfied with what I accomplished today.

23til23 johnsonpark

What else would you like to challenge me to do for #23til23? Let me know in the comments below!