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1st #23til23 Challenge from Lenore Riegel!



I was very surprised last night when my first #23til23 challenge was issued by Lenore Riegel, the mother of Eden Riegel, one of my favorite soap actresses and my absolute favorite Bianca Montgomery from All My Children.

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I joined the Emily Dickinson community, and then Lenore challenged me to write some poetry “on or about” Emily Dickinson as well.

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This poem was influenced by Emily Dickinson’s “A Bird came down the Walk.” I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s “on or about” Emily Dickinson, but it certainly was influenced by her. However, just to be safe, I wrote a haiku introduction dedicated to her.

“A trickling idea of words”

Emily’s words ring
truer than nature’s song; now
new words are spoken.

An idea trickled down the mind–
It did not know it was seen–
as it bit the future in halves
and swallowed the past whole–

and then this idea settled in
for a long stay in the vulnerable soul–
and then nestled close to the heart
to let hope radiate within—

as it brought forth great surprise–
that danced all around—
in excitement at the prospect of gratification, I suppose—
which further stirred even more adventures

like one gone beyond sanity, cautiousness,
the idea was offered a place to grow
and experiment with testing the limits
of finding one’s self before the advancement of age–

then happiness settle in the fingertips,
with words bursting out from behind colored nails—
as challenges came forth, leaping onto the computer screen
encouraging words of freedom and chance.

Thanks for the challenge, Lenore! Stay tuned to see what other challenges #23til23 throws my way!