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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

Signs the world should’ve ended in 2012

1. I highlighted my hair in April.

2. I (briefly) tried to give up coffee.

3. I started this blog and have stuck with it.

4. I have worked 4 different jobs this year.

5. I have interacted with many celebrities as a result of GingerSass.

6. I started attending karaoke night at a local bar with some friends…and became known as a regular after 2 times.

7. I started performing poetry at open mics again.

8. I survived student teaching and realized I want to spend my life in urban education.

9. Both Hurricane Sandy and the Mayan Apocalypse happened during my student teaching experience…and it was the best experience of my life .

10. I’m typing this post on my new iPhone 4S. This alone is a sign the world is due to end.