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NaBloPoMo 2012– November 14th: Good cookin’

Today’s prompt reads

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

Ha. This is funny. Very funny, actually.

You see, I love to cook. It probably stems from the fact that my dad used to be a chef, and that I inherited his love for tweaking recipes and making them my own.

However, the fact of the matter is I actually don’t have much experience cooking meals. I’m more of a baker.

Need chocolate chip cookies? I’m your girl.

Want someone to bake you a cake? Call me maybe.

(My former supervisor actually had me bake her a cake for her boyfriend’s birthday a few years ago. In return, she reimbursed me for my baking addiction. It was a great trade off.)

Looking for something sweet to eat? Let me know and I’ll whip something up for you in a few hours.

In search of a home cooked meal?


Well, you’re probably better off calling your mom.

Until this year, I didn’t really have access to a stove. I could bake casseroles and other dishes, but actually cooking a meal is difficult if you don’t have all of the modern cooking conveniences people take for granted. Now that I have a stove, I’ve been too freakin’ busy to cook an actual meal for dinner. Most days I eat at the dining hall, or I cook a side dish to go with microwaveable chicken.

I remember for a while I was a BEAST at cooking bacon wrapped pineapple shrimp because the recipe didn’t require a stove, it was relatively cheap, and, c’mon, unless you’re a vegetarian, who doesn’t love bacon? (Sidenote: I should really resurrect this recipe.)

During the hurricane who stole Halloween, I, ironically, baked up a storm. The best meal that came out of Sandy was my vegetable quiche casserole, which required only a bit of stove work. That probably was the best meal I ever cooked because everyone who tried it loved it, it used up a lot of leftovers, and it only took a few hours to make. (Chopping carrots is a deceiving amount of hard work!)

In 5 weeks, I’ll be done student teaching. (AHH!) This means I’ll inevitably have time on my hands again. My dream meal to cook will be some sort of fancy scallop or salmon dish with a mango or pineapple garnish, homemade rolls, asparagus with a homemade seasoning or sauce, and a complicated fruity dessert for afterwards.

Until then, my favorite meal that I’ve cooked, after the bacon wrapped pineapple shrimp, is definitely all of the hurricane food I made. They created leftovers that lasted a whole week! Yum.