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NaBloPoMo 2012: November 3rd- why my politics have been turned upside down

Okay, so today is apparently the start to the weekend (I barely know what day of the week it is anymore), and with that, it’s a NaBloPoMo free write.

Most of my posts/tweets/Facebook updates lately have been me coping with the aftermath of Sandy, and, well, you’re just going to have to freakin’ deal with this.

In case you didn’t know, Election Day is on Tuesday. Before Sandy, I kind of felt like I couldn’t tell who was going to win the Presidential election. Although I was all gung-ho Barack Obama in 2008, this time around he really only had his support of gay marriage, his Obama-care plan (I NEED healthcare people; this lets me stay under my parents’ insurance until I’m 26!), and Michelle Obama’s arms going for him in my eyes.

Let’s be real. Her arms are running for this Presidential election.

Joking aside, I’ve been a hot mess this week. I’ve been lucky enough to walk away from Hurricane Sandy with no injuries, no losses, and no family suffering. I’ve been very blessed, and I don’t take that for granted. This week has shown me how to appreciate what I have. It’s also shown me to expect the unexpected.

For example, I found myself gaining respect for NJ Gov. Chris Christie this week. I think it’s admirable how well he’s handled the hurricane aftermath, and, dare I say it, I’ve even found him likable. This has been a mind blowing realization to me, but I give credit where credit is due. Despite my previous hatred of him and his hatred of me (teacher/gay/registered Democrat/middle class worker), he has done a really good job of helping keep Jersey “Jersey Strong.” It’s also been really incredibly amazing to see Gov. Christie and President Obama put aside their differences and work together.

I never thought I’d see the day where these 2 would be working together, or where I supported Christie in any way, shape, or form.

(I also kind of think Obama has an edge now. People are seeing him as a badass again. You can’t mess with a President who is kicking a natural disaster’s ass.)

You know what I find ridiculous about the election on Tuesday? That people are still expected to vote in the effected areas. Towns have been DESTROYED. People are living in shelters. There is a fuel shortage in New Jersey to the point where there is a state-mandated gas rationing system in place. There are still people without power, water, or heat, and a Nor’Easter is expected to hit all of these people on Tuesday or Wednesday. So, no, I cannot even begin to understand how people are expected to vote on Tuesday.

What do you think? Is it illogical to expect those whose lives have been turned upside down to vote on Tuesday?


Right before I hit “Publish,” one of my friends posted this article from NBC. Apparently displaced voters in NJ will be able to vote via email. Ya know, because they all have electricity and internet access right now.


GingerSass Halloween Costume Contest (and Sandy Relief!)

Yesterday, I sent out a call to my followers to email me pictures of their Halloween costumes.

Now, after reflecting on it, I’m changing my call a bit.

I am inviting you, my followers, to enter my Halloween costume contest/ raffle. Given the circumstances of my home state following Hurricane Sandy, this one’s going to be a little different. Instead of awarding a prize to the raffle winner (because, honestly, I’d be a terrible judge for picking a winner and I don’t want to waste time asking people to vote), the prize will be a donation to the Red Cross and Hurricane Sandy relief in the winner’s name, along with my name.


As an added bonus, mainly because my paycheck just went through and I want to give back to those of you who have touched me so much this week, I’ll be putting together a Jersey Girl (or Guy or other self-identified label) gift package for the raffle winner. I’ll send you a package of some of my favorite things from the Garden State, and thank you for being Jersey Strong!

You also get a Jersey-themed prize pack, which includes this hat. I ordered one for me, and one for the winner.

When I posed the question “If I ran a Costume Contest on my blog, & the prize was a donation made to the Red Cross/ Sandy relief in the winner’s name, would people enter?” on Twitter and in the BlogHer Facebook group, the response was overwhelming. Many people DM’d or messaged me saying they’d participate, and I also received quite a few messages asking how people could contribute to the prize.

After being overwhelmed by the responses, I’ve decided to create a raffle to select the prize winner using Rafflecopter.

I will accept raffle entries for 2 weeks (until November 16th). After that date, I will donate whatever has been raised to the Red Cross.

So what are you waiting for? Upload your pics, send them to me, and join in on the Halloween Costume Contest while helping others.

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