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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

Student teaching is the bee’s knees.

(I’m speaking like this because I get to start teaching The Great Gatsby soon, and I need to reconnect with my love of the 1920′s…Plus, this is one of my favorite phrases EVER.)

Last week I began my Student Teaching Experience. The first day was Wednesday, and it was filled with humidity, tiredness, and pure exhaustion… and that was just with the teachers! My cooperating teacher just went over the class rules, and then I did a quick 5 minute schpiel about me and my life. I threw in a couple of one liners about secretly being an old lady and trying to learn how to knit, and, as one student already put it, “Miss, you’re weird.” As long as my students know this from the get go we’re off to a good start! :D The first day flew by, as it was a half day, and the students were overall really awesome, especially with it being the most humid day of the year in our sauna of a classroom.

As we were talking with our class and getting to know them a bit, I started brainstorming ideas for when I take over the classes in a few weeks. I want to have Pandora Scooter come in and talk to/ perform for my Creative Writing and maybe even tenth grade classes. It’d be really cool for them to see someone who earns a living through creative arts, and she sends a really great anti-bullying message. I want to have my students make poetry videos where they write poems and set them to music and photos. I want to go on a field trip to the Dodge Poetry Festival.

I want to do so much.

My students are really receptive to my “flesh blood,” and I’m really receptive to their ideas and excitement. I teach my first lesson on Thursday, and I’m really psyched to draw a connection between The Gatsby and their own lives. I want to make the first half of their year as fun and exciting as possible!

This is going to be a good year.

I’m in love with bookroom duty.

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