adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

It’s a whale of a good time.

So apparently if you were previously following me on GingerSass via the email subscriber or maybe even WordPress you’re no longer following me after I switched hosts. I want to cry because I had over 1,000 email subscribers. Please resubscribe for my ginger-y goodness and sass. Love youse!

This picture of me all dolled up for a wedding is BEGGING you to subscribe to everything GingerSass-y. Just sayin’.

It’s a whale of a good time. Yes, I went there.

While you’re at it, find me on whatever social media website you can think of…for the most part. If there’s one you think I should join, let me know!

The GingerSass Facebook Page

GingerSass has an official Facebook fanpage. Click here to “like” it.


You can find me over hashtagging at @THEGingerSass.


You can find me attempting to pin things on I’m still trying to understand the site so bare with me!


I finally joined BlogHer…so check out my profile as I try to understand yet another new website!


You can contact me via e-mail at

Andddd you can subscribe to my blog via this post or by going to my homepage and clicking on the “subscribe” button on the sidebar.


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