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Work is my nirvana

I need to take a moment to express how grateful I am for the work I am doing this summer.

When it seemed as if I had gotten screwed over by The Man and my summer job opportunity had fallen through, my friend Liz (@artemisretreats) helped connect me to a job opportunity at her place of work.

I am grateful to have friends like Liz, and even more grateful for the opportunity this connection has provided me.

I am working for HOPE, or Health Outreach, Promotion & Education. I am working with New Student Orientation and connecting with students and their parents, and I am also working on a few other projects and focus groups. The work itself is amazing, and I sort of wish I had discovered Public Health during my undergrad. HOPE really makes a difference at my University, and it’s so nice to be a part of it.

You know what else is nice? Having a healthy work environment.

I spent a few years working for a marketing group. (Yet another oddball job for an English major!) My boss had us working out of his garage, which he had converted into a furnished office, but it was still a garage. The entire office was made up of college interns (cheap, legal labor) and we were given impossible tasks with impossible time frames to finish them in. Our tasks were also changed without us knowing so it was a tad difficult to get things accomplished.

Basically, I’m used to working in a shitty environment and being on edge all the time.

At HOPE, everyone is kind. They are understanding, and grateful for your presence. Impossible tasks are not given, and there are no impossible expectations. Everyone is sweet, intelligent, and motivated.

I also no longer have stomach ulcers from going to work.

Work has become my nirvana, and this is such a weird, delightful feeling.

I suspect this is my dog’s nirvana. Work is mine.

Consumerism and Cheeseballs

So, a funny thing happened a few weeks ago. It was years in the making, and I’m not sure why it didn’t happen earlier…

My family got a Sam’s Club membership.

Sam’s Club is like BJ’s or Costco… you can buy everything supersized or in bulk. Like much of America, its mantra is “bigger is better.” (No phallic jokes, please.)

It’s important to say that I have not yet entered Sam’s Club, but the way my mom talks about it you would think that it’s a piece of Heaven.

A few weeks ago, my sister came home after food shopping with my mom, eager to show me what they had bought. Her big treasure? Over 1 pound of cheeseballs.

Please ignore the fact that we have eaten half of this tub.

I got really excited about this because we rarely get cheesepuff products. My sis was pretty psyched. Everyone knows that cheeseballs are the best type of cheesy processed products ever. They capture the most cheese flavoring, and are delightful. Mom didn’t believe us, until we made her taste a cheesepuff and then a cheeseball. the verdict? CHEESEBALLS RULE.

This was further proven when, lo and behold, a cheesy miracle occurred:

Cheeseballs are a healthy snack.

A moment of boredom led to the reading of the Cheeseballs label, which states that one serving of Cheeseballs is equivalent to 32 balls. THIRTY TWO! 32 Cheeseballs only have 130 calories and 7g of fat. 32 cheeseballs are also equivalent to 1 ounce, in case you were wondering.

May the odds of cheesy goodness be ever in your favor.

Thirty two cheeseballs sound like more cheesy goodness than it actually is…but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Cheeseballs are a kick-ass, healthy(ish) snack. Thank you, Sam’s Club, for providing me with this newfound knowledge.

This is what 32 balls of cheesy goodness looks like.