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BlogHer ’12 momentary freak out

I’m really excited to be going to BlogHer ’12 in a few weeks, as it is a wonderful opportunity for me to network, meet other bloggers, and connect with others who share my love for writing. In just over 3 months, my site has had over 4300 hits, 1000 subscribers, almost 400 twitter followers, and over 115 fans on Facebook. My fanbase (?) grows daily, and it has been a really exciting, inspiring experience.

BlogHer, on the otherhand, has been overwhelming.

First, I didn’t think I’d be able to go at first. Student tickets were sold out, and I had missed the early bird specials because I’m a broke, uninformed grad student. I started a campaign on ChipIn, and raised $40. Wooo! I also booked a poetry gig, which gave me a decent bit of money. by some luck (and a lot of leads on Twitter!) I found someone who was selling her BlogHer ’12 student pass. Everything lined up, and lo and behold, I’M GOING TO BLOGHER ’12!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I am completely overwhelmed. My pass is for Friday & Saturday, but I want to come in on Thursday for a lunch my friend DragynAlly is hosting. I’m staying with a friend in Brooklyn for a few days, but definitely questioning the commute back and forth between BK and Times Square!

Besides the commute, another one of my big concerns is my schedule. There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it! I want to see it all. I want to attend the sessions that will be most beneficial to myself and my blog. I want to drool over all of the amazing speakers and bloggers. I want to meet all of the bloggers who have been such a vital part of my my BlogHer community experience. I want to attend as many parties as possible and truly enjoy myself.

Basically, I need to clone myself for the conference so I can take it all in.

I’m also really excited and anxious to better my website. I recently paid actual money for hosting on hostgator…but I have no clue how to backup GingerSass and transfer it over there without potentially destroying all of the hard work I have done. I want to make GingerSass more beautiful and make it have less load time, but I’m afraid of losing the image that has become associated with my brand. (Is it okay to say I have a brand now?)  My baby is taking off, and I’m about to get into a committed relationship with it. (I’ve had commitment issues with blogging in the past– can I make this relationship last?) This is so exciting and scary and amazing and wonderful and terrifying and fantabulous. Holy fudge.

Ahhhhhh BlogHer’12 ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

What tips do you have for a BlogHer newbie like me?

Most importantly, what should I bring?? So far, all I’ve been able to do is think of things I need to bring with me, such as:

-macbook charger
-camera charger
-business cards
-additional swag from sponsors tbd
-cell phone
-business card holder pocket thingies in binder
-stylish bag for everything I need during day plus outfit for night (boo commuting from BK)

Holy crud people… I’m going to BlogHer ’12!!!!!!!!!