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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass


In my elementary school experiences, the countdown to “100” is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Elementary school teachers go all out for the 100th day of school– I remember there being parties, 100-based arts and crafts, athletic ventures of doing 100 pushups or situps (my least favorite celebration), reading 100 pages of a book, etc. Reaching that magnificent centennial moment was a milestone, and it was expected that all elementary school students go CRAZY and WILD and CELEBRATE the big one-double-oh in style.

After all, the hundredth day of school only happens once (a school year).

Guess what this is?


I’m not going to make you all do 100 push ups or jumping jacks, and, although I’d love to, I’m not going to make you create artwork using 100 Cheerios (the cereal, not the cheerleaders) or sequins. Although it would be fabulous if you read all 100 posts, you’re not obligated to. I challenge you to write, in 100 characters or less, how you embrace ginger/sass in your daily life. (That sentence was 100 characters long.) That’s less than a tweet!

How do I embrace ginger/sass in my daily life?

I live it, I love it, I conquer it…and do it all while maintaining my hair, makeup, & accessories.

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