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Coming out as a blogger to my family

So, I did the impossible the other day. I came out as a blogger to my family. Or, rather, I was outed as a blogger.

Now, let me explain to you that, before the outing, I had been religiously looking up ways to tell my family that I’m a blogger. Through my hours of googling I discovered that there aren’t really any articles or posts on how to tell your family you’re a blogger.

In fact, I could only find one.

It wasn’t even an article.

In fact, it was a fabulous email sent out by Ashley at Writing to Reach You that clearly spells out her blogging ways to her family, and why she has run a blog for the past 3 years.

The most relatable quote from her email was “There’s no good reason I haven’t told you about it before…” That pretty much sums up my blogging life in regards to who I’ve shared GingerSass with.

A few days ago, my mom was looking for something in my room while I was at class, and she noticed a box next to my bed. My business cards were poking out of it, and curiosity got the best of her. She paid GingerSass a visit, and when I got home, there was a list of questions waiting.

It actually was exactly like the first time I came out, except she hadn’t found letters about a girl, and I wasn’t being outed as a lesbian. My mom was also really excited and proud of GingerSass. (It took her a bit to come around to me being lesbian!)

I told Mom all about GingerSass, my fan base, how GingerSass came to be, and told her about raising funds to go to BlogHer ’12.

After all was said and done, there only seemed to be one thing that mattered to Mom. She couldn’t believe that Cady McClain’s alter-ego, Suzy F*cking Homemaker, liked the GingerSass Facebook page and gave me some advice.

“DIXIE is a fan of yours?! As in Cady McClain?! WOW!! I’m so proud of you!!!”

The moral of my coming out as a blogger lesson is if Cady McClain “likes” your Facebook fanpage, Mom will be happy with your celesbian blogger endeavors.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Dad is proud of it as well, Broface asked me a few questions and said, in true brother fashion, that “Gingers Ass” was cool, and my sis said it was “cool” that I had a site.

I’m still waiting for the dog’s verdict.

My Mooshkie Man would rather cuddle with his over-sized flamingo toy than tell me if he likes GingerSass.

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