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Ten Minute Musings #9

10 Minutes

Slimy balls.

Bubble tea is very strange to me.

I had my first bubble tea freshman year of college. I was meeting up with a queer group on campus after my astronomy class (which, by the way, I only lasted a month in), and we were meeting at a bubble tea place off campus. As I looked for “the group of gays,” I realized I didn’t actually know what bubble tea involved. Was it fizzy like soda? Was there whipped cream involved? What created the bubbles?

It turns out the “bubble” in bubble tea is created by, as I called them, “slimy balls.” (For those of you who don’t know, in the real world this translates to tapioca balls.)

As we stood outside the bubble tea place, I decided to be less awkward. I made an awkward joke about the fact that a group of lesbians was standing around sucking on slimy balls. Since then, whenever I get bubble tea, I smile, think of slimy balls and lesbians, and usually avoid sucking the slimy balls down my straw.

I would also use bubble tea as a form of trickery. One of my favorite (and slightly mean) tricks is to take people out for their first bubble tea, and not tell them what the bubbles are. It’s really fun to watch their faces as they inhale the slimy balls. Some enjoy it, others are completely disgusted, and most end up rolling their eyes at my stupid prank.

I actually only recently started getting bubble tea with bubbles again, and I can’t say it’s been a life changing experience. I usually awkwardly chew on the first ball or two, then I suck down some balls with my drink, and by the end of my bubble tea I have a pile of sticky, slimy balls at the bottom of my cup. (If you pinch the straw, the balls won’t come up.) The slimy balls just don’t make sense to me, but I usually end up liking the taste they leave in the bubble tea.

Like I said, bubble tea is very strange to me.

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