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BlogHer ’12 Fundraiser

Howdy sassy people!I don’t like to ask you folks for anything because it truly means the world to me to have any readers at all! However, I’m in a bit of a pickle. (and not the Snooki kind either!)As you have probably figured out, I run, which has really taken off during the past 2.5 months that it has been around! For those of you who may be new to GingerSass, my site covers various topics, including, but not limited to, the exploration of femme-lesbian identity, queer issues, trans issues, exciting events that I am given the opportunity to attend, pop culture commentary, education, and, of course, writing prose and poetry. Blogging is not new to me, as I have blogged on various sites since 2006, but GingerSass is the first site I have felt a calling to; GingerSass has not only made a difference in my life, but it has made a difference in the lives of others. I receive various pieces of fan mail of every week, and each and every piece reminds me that there is a reason that I love writing on my blog– it allows me to make a difference through something I love.
I have really enjoyed blogging on GingerSass, and I recently became a member of BlogHer, a network designed for women bloggers.
BlogHer is holding a conference in New York City in the beginning of August. BlogHer ’12is a wonderful opportunity for me to network, meet other bloggers, and connect with others who share my love for writing. As a grad student, I’d normally be able to pay for a student pass. Unfortunately, they are all sold out.I’d really love to be able to attend, so I’m trying to raise money for a full conference pass, train fare, and money towards staying in the city. (This is all significantly more expensive than a student pass!) Every little bit helps, so if you can find it in your heart to “chip in,” I’d really appreciate it. I’ll even think of prizes for anyone who contributes!

You can take a gander at my fundraising page by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for considering chipping in. It means a lot to me!

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