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10 Minute Musings, #5

10 minutes

There is nothing more satisfying than an eggwhite flatbread and an iced caramel latte from Dunkin Donuts when you are running late for a 6 hour Saturday class during the summer. I left my house at 8:32 am and made the executive decision to risk being late to my class 20 minutes away in favor of satisfying my tastebuds, breaking my trend of eating healthy, and hoping to wake up. I went to a Dunkin I’ve never visited, and managed to run into 2 people from when I used to work at the local grocery store. (Ah, the perils of returning to my hometown for the summer!) Maybe it was the aura of classiness surrounding myself, or the fact that it was 8:37 and none of us had had coffee yet, but nobody recognized me. This was probably better because, honestly, I couldn’t stand these women when I used to work with them.

My coffee was PERFECT. It’s very rare for a brand new Dunkin to get my order right on the first try. There was just the right amount of caramel, sugar, and ice, and it immediately boosted my morale. My flatbread was delectable. As I waited for it to be created, I noticed a sign that read “Please note: Out flatbreads are now round.” Does it matter if a flatbread is round or not? Are people going to be upset by a circular flatbread? Weren’t flatbreads ALWAYS round? I mean, apparently not if there was a sign pointing out the new shape. But really? Does a flatbread’s shape truly matter? I usually just take bits of the veggie, egg-white, cheesy goodness until it disappears entirely too soon. I never took notice of the shape before, but my gut tells me it’s been round for awhile. Regardless of its shape, veggie flatbreads are the perfect breakfast to me. I’m not a breakfast person, and these wholesome bits of goodness are the perfect on-the-run-yet-satisfying glimpse of an old fashioned breakfast melted inbetween the perfectly textured flatbread. I’m so grateful for my veggie flatbread this morning. Also, based on the amount of rambling I just did about veggie flatbreads, I realize that I should stop writing and drink more of my iced latte. I need to wake up and have brain cells again.